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I have a 2008 zx10r that flipped in a lowside crash. The shifter and linkage was bent but both were replaced.
I am having trouble downshifting in all gears except for 6 to 5. I have to use my foot to slightly lift the shift lever before downshifting while moving. So to downshift, I have to pull in clutch, lift shift lever slightly, and then push it down.
I lubed all the shifter pivot points and double checked the clutch tension.
Up shifting is no problem. Any ideas?

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Yup, I can almost guaranty that you cracked the shift shaft. The 08 had a design issue and was redesigned in 09. They were prone to micro-cracking that lead to sloppy shifting. If you wrecked on that side it's almost a certainty it needs to be replaced at this point. You're going to have to pull the clutch assembly out to get to it and get the updated part number for it. There's plenty of threads on here about the shaft.

It's either that or you bent a shift fork internally. That will require dropping the motor and splitting the crank case apart to fix that though. Start with the easy stuff and replace the shift shaft first to see if that fixes your issue.
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