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I am looking for a price on the following

1.04-05 ZX10R A.P.E. manual camchain tensioner

2.04-05 10R Renthal front sprocket 16t

3.04-05 10R Renthal rear sprocket ultralight 41t......both are in 525 pitch

4. Regina 525ZRP Gold chain 110 link
5. RK GB525GXW gold Chain 110 link
6. DID 525 VM2 Gold chain also 110 link

7. set of Mich. POwer Ones 190/50 and 190/55,...............and 120/70 front

I Read in another thread that the store was being moved,........as long as you are still in Asheville,.I will come pick them up, as I live in Biltmore!

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