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Used to be a member here, but haven't had a ZX for a couple years now after the frame broke on my 05. Coming back as this winter I'll be picking up a new ZX10R as my new race bike, kind of hoping to snag an RR :grin2:

A bit about me: started riding street at 25 going through the MSF in 2005. Moved to Cali and really got into riding the twisties out here. In 2012 got bit by the track bug and did a ton of track days, finishing that year up with my NRS (New Racer School). Due to personal reasons/finances, I didn't do much other than some street in 2013 into about half o 2014 when I was able to start dipping my toes back into racing a bit (albeit slowly).

This past year I more than met my expectations on my current race bike ('07 Daytona), and next year will be moving up to Expert and picking up the new ZX this winter to race as my primary bike next year. I've ridden a friend's on track (plus a test ride at a dealership) and love the bike, can't wait to get back on a Kawi!
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:welcome: back to the dark side!!! :thumbsup:
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