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power commander questions

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just picked up a power commander 3
i have a vance and hines cs-one slip-on , mid pipe/cat delete , stock air filter and -1/+2 gearing, what type of map should i go with since theres no listing for the v&h full system map or slip on map for a yoshi or m4 etC?
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You could try one of the maps dj offers untill you can get to dyno which will be best.
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What ZX racer said. Best to have it tuned on the dyno for YOUR bike. With just a slip on though, most of the download maps should be fine. You should look at the PCV database and see if they have one for that. Then you can open it and look at the cell values and manually create a PCIII map from that.
no dynos exist where i live .. yep rock in the middle of no where ..

so i have to work with what i got ..
are there any other maps besides what dynojet offer on their homepage?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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