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>> Powder Coating Rims <<

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I'm considering powder coating OEM rims, and I was told today that the powder [coat] is relatively heavy. Is there any merit to this claim? How much weight could honestly be added per rim by powdercoating them.?!

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or10r <> PM sent. Thank you! As for polishing them, I live about 2 hours South of you, on the East Coast, so polishing would require repolishing every 2 months, and with the humid salt air down here, a chrome dip would pit in 6 months. Powder coating seems to be a no-brainer...

ddipaola <> Personally, I can't possibly imagine that the amount of powder that would take to coat a rim could possibly amount to enough weight to mention, but like I said in my post - someone local said it did so I figured I owed myself some cursory research to confirm or deny.

As for my wanting it, man... I don't know whose bike this is I found in an image search, but I fell head over heels with this linked scheme. I have been piecing together an ex-track Gen1, and after buying raw white Chinese fairings (1 of which that has already broken a tab :angryfire:), I really like the look of white. I started talking paint with 97GRNRS; then I started researching Pearlescent White Gen1's; and I found a scheme that hits the nail right on the head, for me. Thing is, I think the chrome rims make it... I think black rims would be too much contrast.


...but like I said to or10r, polished & chrome are out, and I found a "chrome" powder coat that looks awesome. A good buddy of mine that's been spinning wrenches on Kawis since the mid 80's has a local guy that he thinks will PC a [stripped] rim for me @$40/$50 each. I assume I'd pay a premium for this "chrome" powder I found, but it still seems worth it if it looks like chrome... & w/o the maintenance! :wink2: I'm on a budget, and thus, moving slowly on this project. I'm 10 months in on the refresh now, but I like to get my ducks in a row so I only have to do everything once.

Actually, I've been researching intergenerational rim exchangeability to see if I can pick up a lighter pair of OEM shoes to be the ones I have powder coated so my bike's never down, and then sell off my stockers to recoup my later model OEM rim buy in. SKYDORK, is the only one whom has helped me out on that research, and he believes I can swap up to a Gen3 on my Gen1. He thinks the rear is plug & play while the front requires different bearings & spacers. My hang up now, with that, is I can't determine the raw weight savings of Gen1 rims vs. Gen3 rims bc no matter how many Google search cues I use, I just can't find those raw weights.

SKY-D <> As always, thank you for your input, and as stated above, I'm leaning towards the PC because if I do the Pearlescent White, I really want a "chrome" look on the wheels. I think OEM black rims will dull the brightness the white fairings create, and I think matching white wheels would be straight ghetto. I'm really into the contrast of the black lower against chrome shoes with the continuity of the black rubber to pull it together.

As for weight, I'm not stressing 10's of grams in paint. I'm only interested in the effort & cost required in sourcing Gen3 rims if I can save half-a-pound each rim. Anything less than that, I think it's just not worth the effort?
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Heads up for anyone whom gives a sh!t, HERB, was kind enough to extend his expert opinion.

  • The PC weighs no more than paint.
  • The "CHROME" PC never looks like chrome due to a requisite clear coat that goes on after. He said it ends up looking like a "bright silver".
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