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Hey guys, Ive done a quick search for a small guide on cleaning this switch and come up with nothing..

The reason I wana check this out is because the other day on the freeway, every time I was hitting some decent sized bumps it was misfiring like the engine was cutting in and out.. Once I got onto a better surface it was running sweet as..
Ive read alot of guys on here have had issues with their stand switches and am pretty certain this is the cause of my problem:wink:

Is there some sort of guide on this site somewhere on how to dismantle and clean this thing properly or can someone explain the basics of how to do it so I dont go in blind and screw something up.. I just dont want any springs and shit flying out catching me off guard :lol:

Btw, I dont wana go hacking at wiring and bypassing it, just wana clean and adjust it..
Any help would be much apprieciated:smile:
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