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IM looking at the complete Power Commander 5 Set-up
PC5 Powercommander $380.00 PC5 Auto-Tune $280.00
PC5 Ignition Module tune timing NOS,Boost, Complete Tunning $360.00
PC5 Electronic Shifter $220.00
PC5 Quick Shift Expansion Module $125.00
PC5 Sec. Fuel Inj. Controller (8 Inj. to tune properly all 8 Inj.) $250.00

PC5 Capable of tunning all 8 Injectors the factory didn't only tune 4 of them :)
Adjust the $1615.00 to buy this SH*T and tune my bike D^M I could buy a BigStuff3
www.bigstuff3.com get the wiring pinout it will controll everything weree talking about and has 54 general purpose outputs for things like traction control Fan on/Off Electric fuel pumps intercooler pumps you could tune the primary 4 injectors yo cruise around town with phenominal low end throttle role on great fuel ecoonomy it has a trace function that you tell it what you want your A/F ratio to be and it will put it there it will control stageing controls launch controls methanol injection staged NOS control Staged Boost control Hrmmm....

Just take a look at what its capable of I run a Mustang Drag Radial Couple Ive been 8.33 with these electronics and anyone that can wire could hook this to there bike ........................ANd not spend $1000s on I'm sorry but mediocre boxes and shoftware I mean Id byy any of these used to save a buck but if im dropping prices for new SH^T Im buying the real thing...

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