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2006 Kawasaki ZX10R will not start and if it does it sounds very rough and will die.

A little history of the bike:
I bought it with 4,000 miles now has 16,000ish miles.
about 1 1/2 years ago I had to park the bike and would only start it once a quarter.
Prior to parking it a new stator, voltage rectifier, and battery
After parking the bike. About December 2018- February 2019 work that has been done because I am able to ride again. (Used all Kawasaki parts No 3rd party replacements.)
!. new fuel pump
2. cleaned out tank
3. had shop check and clean injectors
4. new spark plugs
5. new battery
6. new air filter
7. new clutch pack
8. oil change
9. new shoes, rotors, brake lines, and front resistor (full system bled)
10. shop rebuilt front forks
11. new chain and sprockets
I think that is fairly complete

I ride the bike for about 500 miles without issue. (No hard riding.)

I saw what I believe to be a coolant leak while riding. Took bike home parked it for about a week until I could look at it. parked with a full tank of fuel. Check the oil on a weekly.

Took the fairings off to locate the coolant leak attempted to start bike to induce leak. bike started ran very rough and would not rev. Bike eventually died and would not idle or stay on.

I put a voltage meter on battery with key off after running badly 12.86.
used a jumpbox still did not run. charged battery on slow charge. still no change.

Can someone help narrow down the issue.
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