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PCV w/Brock's install O2 sensor.

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So the instructions said if using a PCV, to unplug the o2 sensor and use the bung. So I just unscrewed the O2 sensor and put the bung in and tucked the sensor up into the fairings. Is that good enough or do I need to remove it completely?

Also I didn't get a check engine light when I did the exhaust. I just pulled the cables off the exup servo and left the servo itself in the bike. I assume that's why.
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Interesting. when I installed my alien head 2 with pcv, I disconnected my o2 and got a check engine light. When talking with dynojet, they said to leave o2 sensor in, that it can only be deleted with a flash.
Eh, just left mine plugged in. Just got it tuned up today anyway, not too bad.

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