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I will be finishing up my 10's build by the end of the week, and I would like to test drive it before I take it to the tuner to make sure everything is straight and it isn't going to come apart on the dyno. I probably won't be driving it more than 50 miles or so (I say that, but I haven't been on it since I tore it down in December so it will be hard to get back off, especially going from bone stock to what it is now).
My main question is will the stock map be acceptable for the test run, or should I try to download a map that is close? I realize that it still won't be running optimal either way, and I won't be hitting redline in every gear with it either, but I want to make sure I'm not going to do any damage to it. If it is ok to run the stock map, is that what it will be running until I load a map onto the PCV? Right now I just took it out of the box and installed it.
If someone does have a PCV map that they could send me that may be somewhat close, that would be greatly appreciated.
Mods are as follows: Yoshi TRC Slip On, Akra Link Pipe, K&N, Secondary Flies Removed, Kawi Race Intake Cam (Cams Degreed 110/104), .45 HG, PCV.
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