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Need a little help with a new to me but used PC3 i just picked up from ebay.

I installed it tonight with the base map. My bike still has the stock exhaust with the cats removed and a K&N filter. I've also disabled the Pair valve. I do plan on a dyno tune next year and i was hoping to get rid of the popping since the cat removal.

Anyway, onto the issue. i installed the PC3 tonight and fired it up. ran odd so i shut it done and tired again. it would not fire. Tired a few times and it just started knocking and grinding but would not fire. When it did finally fire up did gas started pouring out of the vent wholes in the back of the mufflers. Not just a little gas, lots of gas. I shut it right down.

Took off the Power Commander and she fired up great like my baby always does. Gas was still coming out the vent holes but it stopped after a few.

Help please. Any ideas???

On a side note. Anybody else been stupid enough to crack their preload spacer while doing their front springs?? That was yesterdays sh!t show. I need to put tools down for awhile.

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