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First things first... Unwrap your Pazzo levers, lay them down somewhere and just friggin' DROOL for a few minutes. These things are super fuggin sweet! :rockwoot:

Ok, once the drool slows to a trickle get your tools and get started. You'll need:

  • 1/4" drive 10mm socket
  • 1/4" drive ratchet (small one)
  • 1/4" drive extension with ball end or flex adapter
  • Flat blade screw driver
  • Blue Loctite
  • Lithium grease

On the brake side loosen and remove the pivot shaft nut on the bottom of the control. Pull the brake lever and see where it pivots. It's on the shaft with the slot for a screw driver on top. The nut is on the bottom side on that shaft.

With the nut removed use a flat blade screw driver to remove the pivot shaft. Once it's backed out of the threads hold the brake lever and pull the shaft out.

Apply a little lithium grease to the shaft.

Line the Pazzo brake lever up with the shaft hole and start threading the shaft in with your fingers.

Tighten the shaft with the screw driver.

Ok, Pazzo's instructions didn't call for Loctite but I like to put it on anything I take loose... so I put some on the pivot shaft nut. If you don't want to, don't... but don't come cryin' when it vibrates off. :mrgreen:

Start the pivot shaft nut by hand and then tighten it up. All that's left to do on this side is set the lever where you want it using the adjuster lever.

If you want to, you can take a break and drool over the look of the newly installed Pazzo brake lever. :thumbsup: Or you can go ahead and do the clutch and drool when you've finished both.

On the clutch side remove the pivot shaft nut with the 10mm socket, a short extension with ball/flex end, and the smallest 1/4" drive ratchet you have. The clutch side is a bit tricky. The clearance around the nut is close and it takes some finger fuggin' to get the socket onto the nut. I found that it was easier to put the socket onto the nut first, then put the extension into the socket. The Pazzo instructions say that you can ease installation by marking where your controls are, loosening the clip-ons and rotating the clutch lever up, then once the new lever is installed rotate it back down to match your mark and tighten everything back down. I didn't find it necessary to do that but it might make it a bit easier if you're having problems the way I done it. Here's a pic of me removing the clutch side nut.

The shaft on the clutch side is not threaded in. Once the nut is off push the shaft up from the bottom, grab it and just pull it out.

Now loosen the clutch cable tensioner to give yourself some slack in the clutch cable. The tensioner is the big silver thing on the cable with the little loop looking bracket against it. Hold the loop away from the adjuster and turn it so that it gets closer to the clutch lever. This puts slack in the cable. Once you've run the adjuster all the way in, rotate the clutch lever around and remove the cable end from it. Just line the cable up with the slot in the lever and pull it out and put it into the Pazzo lever.

Align the pivot shaft hole and put the shaft back in. It is machined so that it sits in the hole in one position only. Make sure you get it fully seated and then start the nut on the bottom by hand while you hold the shaft in place and then tighten it with the ratchet/extension/socket combo. Again I used blue Loctite.

Adjust the clutch cable play and then drool some more. Then get on the bike and play with the lever positions until you get them where you like 'em. :eek:ccasion1

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