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This is a game for the really outside-of-the-box type thinkers.

This is one hard ass game, I dare you guys to try and get past the first 10 levels, good luck. This is also great for those insomniacs out there.


P.S. Post any clues or hints you can think of about gettin past the levels for the people who are stuck. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you guys read the rules first, they help a lot. More than you think ;) Remember that the game mainly revolves around the address bar. So far I'm on level 26.

Ouverture Facile (the French translation for "Easy Opening") is a riddle game with a growing difficulty. Each level has to be solved to access the next one and what you learn in a riddle might be useful later in another one. The game doesn't really end as I add levels when I have some fresh ideas. Ouverture Facile was launched in June 2005 and features 92 French levels to this day (November 2006), I'm translating them for non-French players, so if you reach the "Work in progress" page, be patient because the next one is coming when it's done.

Ouverture facile is a riddle game that requires a lot of time, search and thinking. Don't be surprised by the difficulty of certain levels, it may take several days to solve some of them (this game isn't an easy one). I strongly advise you to read the "game rules", you'll find some interesting clues to start this journey. Clues can be hidden in unusual places and it takes a while to understand where and how to find the answers, but it's the purpose of this game. That's it, you're on your own.
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