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OTD Cost on new 2015-2016 ZX10R

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Hello Gents,

I'm back in the hunt for a new ZX10R. What is a realistic OTD rate for a left over 2015-2016 Non-ABS model. I live in central Indiana, but whiling to drive a distance to find the right price. Thanks
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I was seeing non abs bikes in the 12k range when I was looking for a 2016 in February. I have all the out the door prices at my desk, I can check it for you tomorrow.

The best price I found was in charlotte, but I paid 200 more to save 6 hours of riding.

EDIT; I sent you pm with the contacts I used. I called around looking for cash "out the door" prices, the closest with the best price won. I move every 3 years, so building a relationship with a dealer is out for me.

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Only way is to call all dealers near you and most simply will not respond if they do not know you. What I'm saying is that if you bought from a salesperson in the past he will work with you. fyi, I moved to Watsonville and was immediately in the market for the '13 10r or the '14. The local dealer failed to call me back about anything (Monterey, CA about 15 miles away from home). I call Fremont Kawa dealer (about 35 miles away) where I bought the '11 10r. Got a price back but they had my blown '11 10r and service was not able to do whatever about it at the time so set an odd feeling about buying from them again. Called the San Francisco dealer where I bought two R1's and a stupid FZ1. Sales told me that she had a white with a cracked plastic harness that still worked. I asked them to send me the bike as I liked her price and asked her to pick up the blown '11 from Fremont. She told me to mail the check. about two weeks later both bikes arrived in my driveway. Bottom line is to build a relationship with dealers or they simply write off many as losers. Not joking here. Easier for me to buy a house than it is to buy a bike. Not the dealers but the buyers that mess stuff up.

If above appears boring to you and long winded, it's me. I'm a teacher by trade.
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There's a Gen 5 KRT for sale here for a great price with all the tasteful mods you would need.
Here in SC, the cheapest place was 12.2 OTD. I brought this pricing to my local dealer who matched it.
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