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OMMRA Round 4 JULY- Saturday

This round I decided to reel myself back in and focus just on Formula Ultra. The other Open classes were becoming time and tire wasters and i wasnt improving. I decided I needed to run with the big boys.
Friday we ran the New racer School, and I focused myself on the drills....especially the "no brakes" drill. I really needed to get my corner speed up.

Sure enough, Saturday morning, I hit the track and was able to click off some 12's in practice. That was as fast as I was racing last month. I flipped my three month old Dunlop N-tec and waited to grid up.

Saturday FU, I blew the start again but was able to chase Jason Gaspirados and Anthony Manciu...and keep em in sight. I made a mistake and they got by me, along with Thomas stevens! I finished 7th, but had clicked off 11's and a 1.10.9. I was very happy. Especially since the old venerable 2005 ZX just didnt want to go any faster. The whole bike went into T-1, T-2 and T-9 shaking like it was going to throw me off at any moment. Still, able to do a 10 was impressive.

Later, Jason Quigley aka STFU and I geared up for our challenge of the Mini Endurance race..a 1 hour sprint with a rider change. Jason ran the first half and set down some solid 12's, putting us in 2nd place. I mounted up and followed up with solid 13's....which, despite passing almost every other bike on the grid, allowed Jason Doody to catch me and knock us back to 3rd. DOH!!

Overall a GREAT race day!

OMMRA Round 4 JULY- Sunday

Sunday, was a one race only for me....just FU. But not just any FU, my Hooligan homies, Jeff and Joe were racing as well....it was going to feel like a regular ranger station ride!!

I blew the strt again, but made good headway, trading spots back and forth with Jeff and Jason Gaspiranados, and Thomas Stevens. Joe fell behind, and a near T9 highside placed him further back. Nice Save JOE!

I was able to hold off Jeff, and Jason, and chase down Thomas and Anthony, but didnt quite have the steam to catch them. Finished 7th again, with a best lap of 1.11.3

Still, over 2 seconds better than last month!

Overall a great weekend, I felt that I was back in my groove finally. Cant wait to put the pressure on Manciu in August.

See you in Two Weeks!

MotoCorsa Monday TrackDay

I erred today.

Yep, I rode my streetbike..my 2012 ZX10R. Yes...the 180 Horsepower one......Egads....it makes my 2005 feel like a dinosaur. It was so EASY to ride fast.

No wonder those other guys are faster than me...(everyone else in my class is on a 2008 or newer bike) and Im working so hard....well now I know it doesnt have to be so hard!

Im in desperate need of rearsets and bodywork for a 2012 ZX10R......I think I could drop into 9s easy on the new bike....A GOAL I doubt I will be able to realize on the 2005.

I can finally say Im riding that bike as fast as it will go..I need better equipment.

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Nice pics and a great write up Green. I wonder myself how much I might improve if I wasnt on an 04. Im not making excuses for myself. Ill never be "one of the fast guys" and Im well aware of that. But I know the 1st gen is NOT the easiest bike to ride fast on the track. Thanks for the update man and best of luck to you.
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