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Oil catch tank question

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Having a bit of a dilemma. I'm trying to install a Morimoto projector kit and running into all sorts of problems. I was going to copy a previous install on here from another member, but came to the realization today that the ballast were redesigned and the new one is larger in size. So, they don't fit in the usual spot. My only other options for mounting locations seem to be the upper side fairing pieces. I could mount one on each side with a fab'ed up bracket, but that involves relocating the reg/rec.

So, this is where the oil catch tank comes in. I know that you can mount the reg/rec onto the tank, but does it require the race wiring harness? Also, does the stock bodywork interfere with the mounting of the tank and reg/rec?

This seems like an expensive way around solving this problem, but I figured why not just get the kit anyways.

Edit: Found my answer to the harness question.
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You should be able to use the stock bodywork just fine when relocating the rectifier to that location with the catch tank. You're going to have to get one from a G5 though as the G4 tanks were discontinued years ago. The G5 should be the same thing.
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