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Ohlins 25mm cartridge kit

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Hey guys, this weekend I replaced the fork seals on my 2004 that has some Ohlins 25mm cartridges in it and I wasn't able to find online the manual for them to know the recommended oil level so I just set it to the factory specs for now... Here's a link to the ones I have, but I can't find the Ohlins part number for them or a manual for them... any help?

Ohlins 25MM Supersport Cartridge Fork Kit- Kawasaki ZX10R (2004-2005) - Suspension - Motorcycle Suspension - MotorcycleToyStore - Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear


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Do you have an Ohlins part number?
Do you have an Ohlins part number?
As I stated in the original post, I do not have the part number nor have I found one yet. On the page that I put the link for they have a product code of "Product Code: OHLE40 " but that doesn't come up in a search on Ohlins' website.
The Ohlins 25mm carts for the 04/05 is FGK 117. They will be stamped on the caps. Here are all the specs per the spec card.

Springs - 9.0 NM (4744-09)
Oil 1311-01 (Use 1309-01 as it's pretty much the same)
Recommended oil level = 130mm (spring and spacer not installed, this is recommended to start with for street use)
Comp - 11 clicks out
Reb - 11 clicks out
awesome, thanks guys, not sure why I couldn't find that yesterday... looks like I need to open them back up and re-do the level. I set the level to 91mm but left the preload tube in so it might be close, but needs to be checked anyways.

Per the document:

"The oil level is measured with
the spring and the pre-load
tube removed from the front
fork. Recommended oil level
for street use is a distance of
130 mm from the top of the
front fork leg down to the sur-
face of the oil inside"
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