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We'll be meeting up Friday night and camping, riding all day Saturday, camping Saturday night, riding Sunday and parting ways. We're staying at the KOA in Logan. Make your own reservations and all that jazz. Most are going down Friday night to camp (remember, camping w/o alcohol is just sleeping outside). I'll be down there most likely Friday night.

There will be people from Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania going with us. Promises to be a good time.

If you can't (or just don't want to) make it Friday night, you can meet up with us at the campground Saturday morning. I will have a sign in at the campground. Everyone will be required to write down their name, license plate, phone number, and emergency contact info. This way if someone wrecks, we can tell the EMT who you are and who to contact. This comes from the last Hocking Hills ride with the guy on the green Ninja. None of us knew who the hell he was let alone who to contact.

The only thing I ask is everyone wears their gear, and everyone respects everyone else. Don't ride above your head. 555 is a dangerous road, and Hocking Hills is no joke. Always err on the side of caution. This isn't a dick measuring contest, so please just be careful.

I will be handing out maps of the suggested route with places to meet up. Again, the route is just suggested. You can ride where ever you feel like. If you're not comfortable with 555, cool. Just meet up at the next stop. I do encourage at least two riders per group incase something happens.
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