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OEM MC pistion size Front master cylinder

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Anyone know the piston size of the Kawi master cylinder of 14 zx10r, not listed in service manual or anywhere
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I believe its stamped on the underside of the MC
It will be on the M/C somewhere.

Might be a little hard to see. Might have to loosen M/C and move
around a little or even remove.

You will probably find something like "5/8" casted into it.

5/8 = 16mm
I did measure it once and it is ca. 17.5mm. Casted making is 11/16. ZX10R 2012.
thanks will check tonight and follow up

just check it is stamped 11/16, or 17.5mm, no wonder, with brembo m4 4 pistion 34mm caliper is felt like crp, upgrading to 19 rcs brembo master cylinder

thanks guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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