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OEM Chain & Sprockets replacement for durability... your thoughts/suggestions ?

I don't want a 520 conversion, staying with 525 17t front and 39t back for my 2016 bike.
I was looking for both steel sprockets, but people told me anodized aluminum is just as strong...

Here's what I'm looking to purchase right now:

Does it look fine ? I'm at 32,000 km (20K miles) after a year of ownership and I'd like to have something that'll last just as long.
I never did a track day. I might do one or two in the next year, but other than that I'm a street rider.

I'm pleased with the 315Km/h (195mph) top speed right now and I don't plan on getting faster acceleration or higher top end for the moment.

I'm not sure about the sprockets... I don't know which brand is good, or which model of sprocket changes what (eg.: there's a few renthal 525 sprockets available, but I don't know the difference between them apart from the material used).

What do you guys think ?

PS: Don't mind the prices, they're in CAD.
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