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O.K.the dyno numbers are in..

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hi all, got the 08 10r back today from the dyno,bike went in with just a akra slip-on,was dyno'd as is, only 151 rwhp :rolleyes: A/F all over the place,so on went the link pipe,k/n filter, p/c,secondry flies removed,smog plates, few hours mapping, and bingo 170 rwhp (see pic) feels real strong now....:wink:


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How does the butt dyno feel at 170whp?
Well hell,

I dynoed 152 (SAE) on my slip-on, filtered 04" so that leaves me questioning the untapped potential.
can't feel difference between ~165 and 179. Maybe little bit.

But main difference is not max power at 100% throttle at 13000rpm, but all what "is" below. That Feeels indeed (half throttle pull in 3rd gear the same as previously was in 2nd)

I'm not talking about 170mph, I wanted to know how a 20whp increase feels in the saddle.
you will touch 180's with full exhuast and a good header like the akro or the leo

but it depends on the dyno you use the actually number doesnt mean much is what they say but after my mods i have listed i am making 184 at the wheel so i dunno
If you're making a true 184whp than you should be murdering anything that get's close to you. 184whp is on beast status.

Do you think that's a true number?
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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