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O.K.the dyno numbers are in..

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hi all, got the 08 10r back today from the dyno,bike went in with just a akra slip-on,was dyno'd as is, only 151 rwhp :rolleyes: A/F all over the place,so on went the link pipe,k/n filter, p/c,secondry flies removed,smog plates, few hours mapping, and bingo 170 rwhp (see pic) feels real strong now....:wink:


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only rode home,still felt good,hit the open road on the weekend, i love this thing !!!!
i took all the parts to the professional dyno tuner left it there a few days to work on,then picked it up all done ready to go,so just a slip-on may cost you 5-10 hp and muck up the A/F,tre next...........cheers
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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