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Intro. 416-A, A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to prohibiting the stopping, standing, or parking of motorcycles equipped with straight pipes on the streets of the city of New York. With fines of $1,000. - $5,000. and permanent forfieture after second or third offense.

This Bill was introduced and being spearheaded by Councilman Allan Gerson.

The following is a letter Concerned Citizens for Motorcycle Safety (CCMS), Inc. has written for people to fax to thier council member in order to make them aware. Ironically, all council members are not aware and/or versed in what this bill is all about:

Dear NYC Council Member,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the proposed bill, Intro 416-A, which would deem thousands of legally registered motorcycles illegal and subject motorcyclists to enormous fines and possible permanent forfeiture of their motorcycles. We implore you to reject this one-sided and biased bill targeting citizens who are otherwise law abiding, taxpaying voters.

Intro 416-A is aimed at noisy motorcycles equipped with what are known as “straight pipes”, or exhausts that are removed or have a modified exhaust baffling. If officials supporting this bill believe motorcycle exhausts are problem, we feel the issue should be solved via the existing noise ordinance - not via piecemeal legislation targeting a specific mode of transportation – motorcycles.

Our organization, Concerned Citizens for Motorcycle Safety, agrees with the objection of excessively noisy exhaust pipes, and believes the subject requires more insight and definition. We would welcome the introduction of a panel that includes, but is not limited to, representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Motorcyclist Association and exhaust system manufacturers to arrive at an amicable and safe solution.

Officials backing this bill apparently believe requiring motorcyclists to have EPA-approved exhaust systems is easier to enforce than trying to prove a motorcycle exceeds the city's vaguely defined 80-decibel sound limit.

Before leaping blindly into an unprecedented bill virtually rendering thousands of otherwise legal, registered, insured and environmentally friendly motorcycles illegal, we ask that you exercise other non-discriminatory options for raising revenue. Alleviating traffic congestion in the city should not include a virtual ban on motorcycles – which would be the case if this bill is passed.

We feel this bill undoubtedly discriminates against Motorcyclists and imposes severe and outrageous penalties.

The saying: “Load Pipes Save Lives” may not be proven or documented but is experienced by every Motorcyclist - every day they ride.

** Concerned Citizens for Motorcycle Safety (CCMS), Inc. **

Name: _____________________ Address: ___________________________

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I thought this got tossed out already?
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