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Here is a update for all as 31 Jan 09!

Good Morning Family/Friends

There are many things planned to preserve the history of the RALLIES,
the most important thing we would like you all to note is the
collective UNITY that is represented on both sides of the rallies.
This press release was very short notice, (as in less than 12 hrs
notice). HOWEVER, collectively we are THANKFUL to have the visual
and written coverage to validate the collective efforts that are
being set forward on both sides of the rallies.

Hakim Harrell of Cycle Shoes International was in Town to meet with
several businesses to duplicate the same level of Vendors he
sponsored at the Convention Center in May 2008. In the mist of the
meetings the Press Release was launched and on short notice, both
black and white supporting both rallies came to deliver their
messages the RALLIES ARE NOT OVER.

Locally to our fellow bikers, we apologize for the short notice, as
we know by the emails, phone calls and text message you all were
planning to attend, and some of you arrived as it was ending.

Nationally for those of you all who think that we aren't fighting
here to preserve our history, we are continuosly fighting, our
efforts doesn't/didn't receive media coverage, at least until now.

As promised, we will keep you updated. (copy and paste links)

WBTW News 13

WMBF News 10

The Sun News

Sunday, Feb. 01, 2009
Bikers unite for rallies
Black, white motorcyclists stand defiant against MB
By Robert Morris - [email protected]

ATLANTIC BEACH -- Though they were defending separate rallies,
representatives of black and white biker groups united in a defiant
stand Saturday against what they see as a common enemy: harsh laws
and negative publicity from the city of Myrtle Beach.
"This ain't a white issue about white rallies. This ain't a black
issue about black rallies," said Rick Walls, a member of the Patriot
Guard Riders who normally attends early May's Harley-Davidson spring
rally. "This is a civil-rights issue for both colors."

A group of about 25 bikers, representing a half-dozen or so
motorcycle clubs, parked their Harley cruisers and Japanese sport
bikes together under a small stand of trees outside the Atlantic
Beach Town Hall on Saturday afternoon to issue their message: May's
rallies will go on.

"We are not going to lay down to the city of Myrtle Beach," said
Hakim Harrell, an event promoter from Philadelphia. "Our message to
the city of Myrtle Beach is, you should be thankful. These events
helped build the city of Myrtle Beach."

The show of unity comes after many area governments, led by the city
of Myrtle Beach, enacted new rules to limit the scope of May's two
major motorcycle rallies - the 10-day Harley-Davidson spring rally,
which attracts a mostly white crowd, and Memorial Day weekend's
Atlantic Beach Bikefest, which is popularly known as Black Bike Week.

Saying that the two events' half-million visitors overwhelm the city,
Myrtle Beach passed 15 new laws last fall, including helmet
requirements and decibel limits, and it has a new Web site stating
that this year the city "will no longer host motorcycle rallies."
Horry County is debating restricting vendors, which nearby Surfside
Beach banned outright for two years.

On Saturday, both groups touted the heritage of their rallies: The
Harley rally is 69 years old, and the Atlantic Beach Bikefest began
in 1980. John Glover, president of the Carolina Knight Riders club
that started the Atlantic Beach event, said neither rally is Myrtle
Beach's to end.

"Now they want to pull the plug on the bike rallies," Glover
said. "I'd like everyone to know, there's more to the Grand Strand
than Myrtle Beach."

In their promises to come to this year's rally, the bikers uniformly
said they would avoid Myrtle Beach. To some degree, that is part of
the city's goal, said Myrtle Beach city spokesman Mark Kruea in a
phone call afterward.

"The city has said it doesn't want to be the focus of these rallies,"
Kruea said. "If these rallies go elsewhere, Myrtle Beach would be

At the event, many of the motorcyclists said their good works and
charity fundraisers during the rallies are ignored. Instead, Myrtle
Beach city officials chose to blame violence and misbehavior by local
teens and spectators along Ocean Boulevard on bikers, said
Violet "Heels" Lucas of the Horry-Georgetown Bikers Association.

"A lot of the people on the Boulevard aren't bikers, but we're
stigmatized by their reputation," said Lucas, noting that she doesn't
visit Ocean Boulevard at all during rallies.

Myrtle Beach and bikers attempted to plan the rally together in years
past, but the city spokesman said rally organizers were unwilling to
shorten the rallies - leading to the city's new, harsher position
against them. Individual bikers only spend a week or so at a time at
the rallies, so they do not realize the events' cumulative effect,
Kruea said.

"If we were talking about three or four days for each one, we
probably wouldn't be having this conversation," he said. "We're
talking about 20 straight days of motorcycle rallies, and that is too
much for the city."

Although the event was held on the front lawn of Atlantic Beach Town
Hall, none of the town's four elected officials were present, and the
only town employee there was Police Chief Randy Rizzo. Mayor Retha
Pierce has been hospitalized since feeling chest pains while waiting
for a court hearing Thursday, but spokesman Mustafa Abdullah of
Conway said at the event that Pierce supports the bikers.

Rizzo, who said he was not informed of the gathering beforehand, said
he is waiting on the Atlantic Beach Town Council to give him some
direction on this year's rally, so he can begin coordinating law
enforcement with other agencies.

"Their decision is vital," Rizzo said. "They're going to have the
bike rallies whether anybody sponsors it or not."

Representatives from Myrtle Beach are set to speak to the Atlantic
Beach Town Council at their Monday night meeting about the Bikefest,
town officials said. Contacted by phone, Councilman Donnell Thompson
said he is waiting to hear their comments before he decides how to

"This is a time when we can work with our neighbors," Thompson said.
In years past, costly contracts with promoters and entertainers
created deep debts the town has yet to climb out of, but in 2008,
former town manager Charles Williams restricted the town's
involvement to support for the officers in town, providing portable
toilets and hiring cleanup crews afterward. Interim Town Manager
Kenneth McIver said he will recommend the council continue that

"From a financial standpoint, we don't have it to spend. We cannot do
a lot," McIver said. "We just don't want to incur any more debt."

Thompson agreed that the town's spending should be minimal, unlike
the lavish plans of the past.

"I don't think we should ever go in that direction again," Thompson
said. "We shouldn't put the town out where we spend a bunch of money
and don't know if it's going to come back in."

OK guys let get afew things straight. Especially you "Superman10R". Memorial day Bike Week is not over at all. For those of you who might not know the festical originated and always has been at Atlantic Beach or North Mrtyle Beach Area and over the years has grown and extended down to South Mrytle Beach. The letter youall are reading is from the mayor of S. Mrytle. Whojust happens to be up for re-election and is making it a running issue. Really if you have been going to Mrytle for any real length of time you would know that all the main events with the excepiton of a few are on the N. Mrtyle side ie Dicks vendors along Atlantic Beach and out along 501 which is out in the county. Check out the website bellow and you will see that the party is still on!!


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What's wrong pissed off that i didn't answer you back in the other thread so you make this one. Ok here you go.....you can :bj:. As stated in the other thread the two BIG rallies will not be held there. Also I stated that if you went they will make your life a living hell. You will be ticketed to death. Not my kind of party. The laws are way to strict for anybody. This some of the new laws......

2008-57 Amend existing Nuisance law found in Chapter 10, Article II, Nuisances of the Code. The effects of an unpermitted special event, or rally are a public nuisance against public health, public decency, peace and order, public welfare and safety and the public economy and responsible parties to be held financially responsible for public cost that result from their promotion. (effective immediately)

2008-58 Amend existing Special Event law in Sections 19-127, 19-128 and 19-156 of Chapter 19, Article VI, Special Events of the Code. Those events in or adjacent to City limits, permitted or unpermitted, that impose an excessive public resource deployment are unlawful, and responsible parties are to be held financially responsible for public cost that result. (effective immediately)

2008-59 New law amending Chapter 14, Article 1, Section 14-1. No alcohol served between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Business can exempt from 2:00 a. m. to 6:00 a. m. sale prohibition upon showing of policy or practice that addresses among other things underage drinking, over-serving, internal and premises security. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-60 New Law. Chapter 14, Article 1, Section 14-7. Defrauding a restaurant is a misdemeanor. (effective immediately)

2008-61 New law. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-220. Infraction. Administrative process. Short term rental, payers of accommodation tax, innkeeper or hotel check-in procedures; photo id for check-in; identification of all guests per room, identification of all vehicles; issue parking card. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-62 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-221. Administrative process. No alcohol consumption or open possession in parking areas, lots and garages. Business shall not permit. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-63 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-222. Administrative process. Use of parking lot for non-parking activities a nuisance. No destruction of landscaped areas by chairs, etc. Businesses shall not permit. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-64 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-223 through 14-227. Administrative process. Helmet and protective eyewear required for cycles and mopeds. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-65 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-228 through 14-231. Administrative process. No trailers parked on public streets, or unlicensed private lots. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-66 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-232 through 14-235. Administrative infraction. Convenience store and premises security. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-67 New law. Infraction. Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-236 through 14-239. Administrative process. Minor or Juvenile Curfew: 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-69 Amend existing law in Chapter 14, Article V, Section 14-85, adding section (b) (10). No loitering on commercial lots after hours, or when posted. (effective immediately) The city also has established a Loitering Ordinance Contact Program for commercial property owners.

2008-70 Amend existing law in Chapter 12, Article III, Division 1, by adding Section 12- 102: only 2 motorcycles per public parking space; Chapter 12, Article III, Division 2, Repeal deactivation of meters for bike parking. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-71 New law to enact Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-200 through 14-and/or reserve 14-219. Creation of administrative hearing process for disposition of infractions. (effective February 28, 2009)

2008-77 Amend existing Noise law found in Chapter 14, Article X, Sections 14-240. No loud mufflers; EPA labeling required, or maximum 89 decibels allowed at idle measurement. (effective immediately)

These are the main ones that probably account for most of the people going. No one ever said the party had to stop but it can't happen in MYRTLE BEACH. You want to party outside of myrtle beach be my guess. I usually go to the beach and party. Don't want to if the cops are going to act like dicks.

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Here some more just found.

· No loud mufflers. No straight pipes. No revving of engines or excessive noise. Bike Week

· Everyone on a motorcycle must wear a safety helmet and protective eyewear (glasses, goggles, face shield, etc.) at all times while the cycle is moving. ~ +

· No more than two motorcycles allowed in a public parking space. ~

· Curfew is in effect from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for juveniles under age 18, with certain exceptions. Violators are detained and parents are called. ~ +

· No alcohol sales allowed after 2:00 a.m., unless the bar applies for and receives exemption. ~

· No alcohol consumption or open container possession allowed in parking lots and garages of any business. ~ +

· It is a crime not to pay the restaurant or not to leave your name and address if you dispute the bill, service or food.

· No loitering allowed in posted parking lots of any business. No loitering allowed after hours in parking lots once the business is closed. Store parking is for customers, not parties.

· No use of parking lots or landscaped areas of any business next to road or street for chairs, coolers, parties, drinking or food service. ~ +

· Security standards are required for gas stations, convenience stores and stores with drive through service. No gathering or loitering is allowed in parking areas without contemporaneous commercial activity. Parking lots are for customers, not parties. ~ +

· Parties responsible for permitted or unpermitted special events that require an extraordinary public response may be held financially responsible for the cost of that response.

· No parking or storage of trailers and oversize vehicles is allowed on the street; parking for these vehicles is allowed only in approved parking or storage lots. ~ +

· Photo identification required for hotel check-in; minors (under 18) cannot check in without parent, legal guardian or chaperone present. All guests in a room must be identified. Parking hang tags required for all guest vehicles. ~ +

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These Rules will be in effect year-round
Not just for the Month of May
The City of Myrtle Beach passed restrictive ordinances targeting the May rallies, which brought tens of thousands of visitors (tourist) to the city. The City of Myrtle Beach has never been a sponsor or host of Bike Week. These new ordinances apply ONLY inside the City Limits of Myrtle Beach.
*** There are no events (vendors) inside the city limits.
*** All events (vendors) are outside the city in Horry County or Murrells Inlet.

No Events Cancelled -- All Outside the City of Myrtle Beach
As many of you have heard or received information on the events being cancelled. Not exactly true – The events will take place in the County and surrounding Counties just not inside of the City of Myrtle Beach. The City of Myrtle Beach has begun a media campaign designed to deter the respectable, law abiding motorcycle enthusiast from coming to the area. There are businesses inside the City limits of Myrtle Beach that do support and welcome Motorcycle Enthusiast. The City of Myrtle Beach can’t stop you from visiting and supporting the businesses that support Bike Week. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2009.

Like I said you can go just nothing is going to happen in the city of myrtle beach.

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You also have to make sure the hotel or motel you are staying will allow motorcycles during bike week.

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You are saying these things like there something new. Really these are things we deal with all the time. The real problem everyone has I'd the new helmet law. An no superman your not worth the trouble of starting a new thread. I just want to get the real info out there so people could make their on choice.

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I live in Mrytle Beach and Remember these are only inside the city limits!!!!! Get to the city limits sign and raise hell!!!!

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will not set foot in mrytle beach again ever

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Sounds like myrtle beach found a way to keep people out for 2009.
Pretty much, it made the two biggest rallies leave. I'm not saying you can't go and have a good time. I'm saying you can't do it in the city of myrtle beach. If I want to go the beach I shouldn't have to go in fear of being harassed for dumbass laws.

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I've been going to bike week in MB for the past ten years with my club and Superman is right all the stuff he mention is new... We are not chancing it..... Once they see how much money they will miss this year, they will try in 2010 to reduce restrictions...

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I would love to see many businesses fail due to the lack of revenue as a direct result of the harassment laws that they put on the books. Better yet wipe the whole town off the map if ya ask me...make an example out of them. They don't seem to have a problem making an example out of every person on two wheels...what goes around comes around. Fucking assholes.

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Yea they can't stop us from going, but who in the hell wants to stay outside of the city limits to have a good time? :dontknow: The real action is in the city of myrtle beach downtown on the strip! Thatz where everyone wants to be seen with the baddest bitch they can find to put on the back of their bikes to cruise around with no helmets an show off! I haven't been down there since '06, and hate to think that might be my last time ever going to bike week in myrtle beach? But until they bend on their laws I think it will be. :headshake

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Nupe??? Yo....

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