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Found some New Old Stock .NET White t-shirts in a container. Some are a bit out of registration or kind of poor printing, which is why they were not originally sold. See this thread for black shirts available: http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/f25/nos-net-black-t-shirts-320882.html

Below are 2 pictures of each available shirt. One of the front and one of the back. Each picture has a # written on the envelope.

Reply in this thread with the # of the shirt that you want (No PMs please. What you see is all I have.) and I will reply with Paypal info. First come, first served.

Total cost is $7 per shirt, shipped. I will ship these out using priority USPS envelopes, seen in pictures below. If you'd like more than 1 be sure to mention that in your post and I'll adjust the shipping.

Ok so here is the small print so to speak. Shipping to lower US 48 only. Paypal payment only from a confirmed account.

It would help if you pay from a desktop computer so that Paypal forwards on your shipping address. This makes it easier for me to print out the shipping labels directly from Paypal, otherwise there will be a delay in shipping. I don't have a lot of time to get to a postoffice during their hours.
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