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non RMP dependent rattle

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Any idea what it could be?
its coming from top left (stator side) near the throttle bodies
its not the cam chain tensioner as i've replaced stock with oem and also tried ape manual
valve clearances are good

the rattle doesnt seem to be rpm dependent as its quiet at idle and start up but with a little rev it starts and stays then goes away

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Almost sounds like a cam chain tensioner. I know you said you replaced it. But from the area it's coming from makes it seems like a issue with maybe the valve clearances but I'm no expert.

I would love to hear what the more experienced guys around here think as well.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Actually sounds really similar to mine when I thought my cam tensioner was all outta wack. Ended up being cracked retainers. I have a video to compare.

....if it were my bike, I'd be pulling the cams out and checking for cracked retainers.
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....if it were my bike, I'd be pulling the cams out and checking for cracked retainers.
Actually now that Spaz has mentioned it. It definitely sounds like my bike when one of my valve retainers on the intake side cracked.

The video I posted above was after i put a manual cam chain tensioner in thinking that was my problem. But it ended up being a cracked retainer.
Hey Guys,
Sorry for the late reply
I swapped a gen 1 head on and the tick is even louder.
i checked the gen 2 head for cracked retainers since its off the bike and all my APE retainers are good
i just have a gut feeling that it may be a rod?
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