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No FI light, bad #4 joint connector

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My bike decided not to start a few weeks ago. When ignition key was turned on the oil pressure light would come on but no FI light and neither fuel pump or exhaust valve/solenoid would cycle. Bike would crank over but no fuel no spark. No blown fuses and the usual suspects (vehicle down sensor etc.) all checked out fine. After some initial troubleshooting (and stumbling) found the issue after obtaining some electrical prints. The issue was a voltage drop due to a corroded/burnt connection inside the wiring harness at joint connector #4. The associated ECU relay on the relay board had poor continuity across it's normally closed connection as well (5 ohm resistance). All other relays and their coils checked per spec. Found a replacement NEC EQ1-11111S relay on Ebay to replace the questionable one on relay board but have not found a source for the joint connector style plug, pins and bridge jumpers. Does anyone know where to by the joint connector components, the one on my bike does not look to be salvageable and I would rather keep it in it's stock configuration and not make up improvised wiring connections.

Thanks in advance for your helpful replies.
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Sorry for the duplicate post, it did not update on my screen.
Did you ever have luck finding a Replacement or Joint Connector Components for Connection #4? I'm having problems with mine on a Gen 1 when wiggled and would like to know how you fixed it!
Your best bet is to either buy another harness or make your own connections. You will never find just the joint connectors, I have the same problem but it's my fuel pump relay so I got a uncut harness that came off a bike with 6000 miles on it.
Actually I can pigtail the one from the harness I'm replacing, do you need the yellow or blue connector?
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