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Is anybody here with this electronic installed to his 10?
I wonder if it worths its value.I notice that some sites claims that it boosts the low-mid range(i think that only tre could do this,in low rpm) and its full operational with PC3.Other sites claim that it unlocks the top speed limit of the 299.
My question here is,by the time it gives more top speed,does it propably overide the rev limit of the 12500Rpm?And how much more top speed?After 12500 Rpm,i think that the engine will break with often use above this limit.
But it sounds to be a nice addon to the performance of my bike:bd:

Any opinion or suggestion?I am ready to buy this thing,but i didnt find any posts about it here,so i have to ask the ''pro's'' firstabout any valuable info!:beer:

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Don't waste your money on that piece of crap - its a proven fact that the Nikko does not work at all.

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I can explain because my 10R is installed with this G-Pack.

see what they say in this manual:"can remove the 300 speed restriction"
;but actually only 299 comes out, please check this film :

So I emailed them and this is what they answered:

With this G-Pack the speedometer indicate 299km/h no matter how your speed is.
Even after 300km/h
Best regards,
Nikko Racing,

It can't overide the rev limit of the 13100Rpm,either.
I reached 13100Rpm at each gears(1st~5th) whenever I rode but still could not go over 13100Rpm,13100Rpm is the limit to all 10R,I guess...

That's why Mr.Alien10 said "Don't waste your money on that piece of crap - its a proven fact that the Nikko does not work at all."

I am one of the witness!!!
This is my 10R

and you can find the parts I replaced at here:

Good luck
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