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Oh that's sharp man I really like the black and orange duo it looks sick. And thank ya! I appreciate it how do you like it so far?? I'm used to the bike now and got it sorta dialed in for me, I'm a light weight and the guy before me had the suspension set up like a nightmare. Everything was set to as stiff as it could go basically and both sides werent the same 🙃 but it's been good so far I really like this platform and it's little quirks and noises 😆
I love my bike. I'ts comfortable and it's nothing for my wife and I to hop our both of our bikes and just ride. I find that most of my friends that are on cruiser style bikes are stopping before I need to :) I'm still adding a little more orange to my bike by painting the side tank fairings and air ram fairing orange. After that It will be complete :)
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