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Whats up everyone. Names Tommy. Im new to these forums. I own a 2004 zx10r. Have had it for almost 3 years now. Have done countless hours of work to it since ive gotten it. Just finally decided to join up.
When i got my bike it was in need of some serious tlc. Was missing a ton of stuff including lower fairings, air filter, rear brakes, frame nuts etc. on top of it the bike needed much maintenance including oil change, tires, brakes, had some leaks, needed spark plugs, etc.
I tore the bike completely down after purchasing it and began my work. I sadly lost my photos of that build but i will try to post some up if i find any. Anyways im currently tearing it down again for more work and will be making another thread elsewhere for that one.
Long Story short whats up yall !

Ps. That is a pic of what it looked like couple days ago before i tore it down


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