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hi, im looking at buying a 04 zx10 with 22km on the clock, just had forks serviced, new chain, sprocket, full service, braided lines, rear sets, bobbins, rear hugger Is there anything in particuar to look out for on these bikes.......apart from speed traps?

i think its like the best looking bike ever!

My wife wants to get on the back, hmmmmmm im not sure if thats a good idea. shes a big lass, and lovely with it! she used to ride pillion n my gsx600 and that made the bike hard to steer. if im gonna occasionally, very occasionally carry a pillion for a little run out now and again (3 or 4 times a year maybe) will this bike be ok? or would i be best off with somthing else? Please help? i I will be riding this mostly by myslf and will be doing some track days
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