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Hey guys, i became a member of this forum a few months ago and then bought a 2006 ZX10r not long after. To date it was the best bike i have owned. Unfortunately about 2 months ago i had a very old man make a right hand turn in front of me and i collided with his front passenger side. I was not at fault and thought this might make the process with lawyers and insurance a little easier. I assure you, it has not.
I've been off work for the last 7 weeks with a broken clavicle, broken scapula, broken T7 Vertebrae, torn lung, ligament damage in shoulder and am currently trying to book in to have a knee reco on a torn ACL and lateral in my knee.

The offer from the insurance company was pretty much offensive to say the least but I've been advised to "just accept it" by the junk lawyers because if it goes to court I might only get another $200 and it will take 6-8 weeks.

I will try to put up some photos of my new custom made air intake system in a few days haha. I will be buying another ZX-10 in the future but not for a year or so.

Due to the accident happening not long after i joined this forum I haven't accrued enough posts to create a new thread in the sales section I don't think(I took a few parts of the bike before it went to the wreckers because the insurance company said they weren't going to cover them) but have some good bits to sell that never made it on the bike or were only on there for 6 days haha:lol:

Anyways, if someone would be kind enough to post something for me in the parts for sale section i would really appreciate it. Id rather sell the parts through you guys as opposed to ebay or some other crap site.

Send me a PM if you can help me out and ill write up the parts i have.
I'm in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

cheers guys
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