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Hi guys. I just picked up a 2016 ZX-10R ABS a couple of days ago. I've had a blast, the couple of times I've had it out. Feels very different to my Blackbird that I traded in for it. The Blackbird is stronger down low and might just match the Ninja in the midrange, but while it has the top end rush, it's nothing like the Ninja.

I haven't even been able to test the Ninja properly, since if law enforcement sees me, its instant lost licence here, as I would be a major threat to society :| I do intend to the California Superbike School at some point and then maybe track days. So I can try her out there.

Can't wait to get it out again, though we seem to be pretty close to the end of season for the good roads I know. Too wet, cold and sometimes snowy.

Might have to do a few mods though. The woolwich thing sounds good, though I'm not sure if its worth bothering without changing the exhaust system. Also the -1 tooth on the front sprocket sounds exciting :smile2:
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