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Wanted to drop in and say hi.

A little back story on myself. I've been riding since late 90's most always have owned 600 bikes. I bought an 02 gsxer 600 brand new rode it for 2 years put about 12,000 miles on it. Had layed it down 3 times in that 2 years. The third time was the one that the wife said enough. I put it down about 80 up on a mountain twisty and got hurt (broken collar bone and acl/mcl in the knee). So she said no more street bikes.

In 06 I bought my first 1000 although it wasn't a bike it cured my need for a bike for the time being. I purchased a 2001 raptor with an R1 engine in it. I put some money into the quad and been riding the hell out of it since.

Here's a couple of video's of it.

So I've decided it times to get a bike again. I've grown up a little (30 now) and don't really have the need to do 150+ anymore or 50+ on 20mph corners. I was over at a buddies house a couple of weeks ago. This is a old riding buddy from way back that's been trying to get me on a bike again for a couple of years. He just got done with a new project of an 07 zx10 track bike. So as usual when I stop by his house he has some sort of a new monster for me to try out. I threw my leg over and took it for a spin. Great bike lots of fun.

He has a pile of left over stock parts in his garage and said lets put you a bike together. He still ows me some money from trades we've done back and forth so he said take the parts for nothing and we'll call it even.

So that's where I'm at about to get back in the game and start riding. This will be my first 1000 bike that I've owned although I've riden quite a few I'm excited to get the bike put together.

Sorry for the long winded post.
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