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Sick bike and welcome to the forum! I really dig the Graves exhaust and the passenger delete. It makes your bike so clean.

Has the ECU been un-locked already? You'll know if it has if you can turn the traction control setting to off, turn off the bike and when you turn it back on the traction control setting remains off. If it flips back to TC settings 1, 2 or 3 then you still need to flash your ECU. You'll also read a lot here about de-restricting your bike but that's only going to be for bikes sold in North America.

I do have 1 other suggestion. The black solo cowl looks strange on the green base even though the rest of the bike has both. Chinese made solo cowls are super, super cheap and come in green. The couple that I've seen were decent quality too though they both had runs in the clear coat.
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