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I have been running the Supercorsa SP V2 190/55 on my gen 5 and am going to be switching to a 200/55 simply because it's all my supplier has currently. Have you guys ran the big rubber and do you like it? This will be for mostly track with the occasional twistie action. I love how my bike handles on the 190/55 and don't want to change but bigger rubber should simply mean more grip. Am I right to assume this?

Who has experience with the 200 and should I just change to a 60 as well? Any input would be great!

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I'm mounting a 200/60 this weekend on my G2

Pir Superbike SC3 getting ready for track day season opener.

I've never ran a 200/60 but wanted to try the SC3 and it's only
available in 180 and 200

Give it a try, I go through tires fast, so if don't like change back.
No big deal.

The 200/60 is like .61" taller (1.22" more in circumference)
Make sure you have the room to clear the swing arm.
I'm so sure I wouldn't I bought a new chain to put on adding 2 links
to clear the swing arm.

.61" taller will change the rake and may also require suspension changes.

The 200 spins about 40 revolutions less per mile. pretty big gearing
change there. Visit gearing commander for specs.

A larger contact patch does not necessarily mean more grip.
(Contrary to some peoples opinion) but will give you a little more
rubber when leaned over, prob enough to run your front tire off?

Larger contact patch and less revolutions should also make
tire wear a little longer too.

Some say turns in slower because it's a bigger tire.

I'm looking forward to trying it in a couple of weeks, and worse comes to
worse change back.

Everyone will have a opinion, try it and form one.

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Thank you for the response. I'm already geared -1, +2 and would certainly like to gain some top end back for the bigger tracks so that's one plus with big tire. I never thought about the extra contact area at lean angle out performing the front tire.. I will be trying the big rubber at Road Atlanta in a couple weeks which works out great because that was the last track I ran and on a 190/55.

I just got my suspension dialed in and curious to see how much the big tire effects handling. I will be sure to post and appreciate the reply!

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Raising the rear with a taller tire will help turn in. Go for it!
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