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New Paint Job (04 ZX-10r)

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Just wanting some imput on the new paint I am going to be putting on my baby. I can't quite make up my mind and just wanted to know what you all thought. Right now I have a few ideas. The main colors on my bike right now are green, gold, and black. I am thinking of painting it with a neon green with gold pearl in the paint, or Escalade white with green pearl. The last option is to paint it just neon green with white pearl and have all the kawi logo ghost painted in. Please feel free to give any input. I just can't decide. Money is not really a concern so let me know if you have any creative ideas!!
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Neon Green would look cool for sure, but go with what you want and like, your the one riding the bike and paying for the paint job. good luck and as always when ya get it all done post some pics .
i like the idea of White with some Green in the Pearl Effect, will make it very original...

seen a guy here in SA who did his 06 in an Emerald Green instead of the usual Kawa Green and man o man it looks AWESOME.... Emerald Green with some White here and there...stunning... ill try to find a pic if i can...
this is the colour and spray job i was talking bout...
the colour isnt perfectly shown in these pics, but its the only ones i can find...

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I love the white with green pearl idea. I think white bikes look great and the pearl would make it original.
i also like white
go the white pearl
trey zx10r has some great paint ideas drop him a pm.

I love the green that is the fast one. LOL :lol:
how about just white with black belly pan, like the 848 ducati
Hey everyone I really appreciate the input. I am going to be taking her in to get painted in just a few weeks I believe. I think I am pretty close to making the decision of white with the green pearl with flat black belly pan. Then having an airbrush guy do a couple of ghost K logos and the normal decals in ghost pearl as well.
I always thought a camo pattern using kawi green with black, white, or both would look badass, it would be diffrent and def get some attention.
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