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New Oz dude

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Hey all
Just wanted to say a quick hello! New to this forum but have just returned to a ZX10 after a failed experiment!
I had a 2010 Gen 3 before, which I sold. I owned a different bike for a while but it didn't really "do it" for me long term, and so I've just bought a 2014 ZX10 and I'm VERY VERY happy to be back on one!
Looking forward to hanging out, researching the threads and learning from those with experience of the Gen 4.
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Welcome mate!what part of Aus are you at?there is Sh.tloads of info on the gen4 and many other years!
Thanks mate! I'm at Ourimbah on the central coast NSW.
My bike is totally stock so Yeah I'll be looking at some tweaks for the bike and reading others experiences. Suspension first probably. I'm pretty light at around 65-66kg so I've already ordered some new fork springs. Can't set sag anywhere near right with the stock springs. I have limited funds though so......
Really love the look of the Graves slipon and midpipe but I've never really bothered with exhausts before as I like to go quietly and not attract unwanted attention. Really like the thought of ditching the excess weight from the cat and lunchbox thing etc though. Anyway we'll see.
:welcome: Johnny! :welcome:

Nice to have another new member from down under! :wav:
Welcome aboard there is alot of guys here with good information

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Geez thanks guys. feeling very welcome hahahaha! which is nice!
Yeah you know, I've only been for a couple of short rides but I'm soooo glad to be back! Feel like I'm home again.
I've always been green really since my 81 KLX250 and 84 GPZ900.
Just looking at my bike is enough lol! Just makes me smile.
Gday guys
Here to from OZ, but living in Palm Beach Gardens Florida
Been keen to catch up to any local members for a ride!!
Welcome to the forum and back to the ZX! I'm "returning" to a ZX10 myself - actually should be picking it up tomorrow assuming it arrives at the dealer as scheduled today!
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