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Hi all,

Greetings from Australia, I've had my account here for a minute, there's some great info on this site and maybe I better make a post
A few months ago I picked up a 1st gen zx10r. First 1000cc although I moved to it from a zx9r which I had for quite a few km (it was on about 130,000km by the time I got the 10 and still going strong).


It's got a few km on it, around 7x,xxxkm just now but my last bike had me less scared of gaining km.
Came with an akrapovic slipon, exhaust servo eliminator, PCIII, quickshifter, and some nice levers and rearsets.
So far I've put about 15,000km on it and done oil, filters, coolant flush, changed spark plugs (what a hassle on the 1st gen lol), replaced fork seals and gave forks a good clean out, replaced front brake lines with a HEL dual line set, and had to get some fresh tyres (I've gone with diablo rosso III which suit my needs nicely but always like to hear how people rate their tyres). Have some other spares ready to put on like new pads, soon new chain, and plan to adjust valves, pull the fuel pump and check its filter as it has a bit of a whirring sound, and must investigate an issue with clutch drag.


It's been a nice bike so far and definitely makes me smile. I look forward to getting the suspension dialed in a little more finely and either get a tune or trying pulling out the PCIII as I suspect it might run better off the stock fueling. Yes I need to get better photos but my phone's camera does not like to cooperate!

Thanks for having a nice site here
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