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Have recently imported an 2004 green 10 from Japan to New Zealand. Very tidy bike but it as a few badly touched up parts on fairings that I want to replace. These are the most important parts that I'm after
16146-0022-7, 55028-0006-7, . One is rear seat cowl and one is right front fairing under headlight and above side fairing . Kawasaki ordered me a a genuine seat cowl from Japan but when it turned up and we found it was the 777 lime colour they wouldn't give me a refund
so that is for sale also if anyone wants. Un used . So this is where I found most if not all 04 green bikes have 7f paint code ( dull green) . And 05 on bikes have 777 ( bright green). Let me knowof a great supplier anywhere world wide as I would like to replace those pieces to get it near mint. Cheers team!!
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