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My brother and I just sold a commercial building and needed to get rid of all the fixtures.....counters, commercial shelving and displays, etc. Tried several charities, but no one needed anything. A young couple heard me talking about it and asked how much we wanted. She wanted to open a hair salon and money's tight, so I told them to meet me and my brother there with a trailer and they could take whatever they wanted for free.

We were loading the trailer (that shit was HEAVY...a lot of thick glass shelves) and I told the young lady I had to take a break...I told her: "I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and tire out easily sometimes.

Anyway, after it was all over, my brother started cracking up. He said the lady asked him "What's da mess?"

Now, that's the joke with all my friends..."I's got da mess!"

Just thought it was a bit funny from my perspective:dontknow:
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