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new guy from florida

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hello all. been lurcking for months this site helped me learn a lot about the bike. came into some cash so it was a toss up of the liter bikes and i went with the stunning zx10r. dont regret it at all. its an 08 with 6,838 miles. have had it for a few weeks and still learning more about it. these bikes have unreal power compared to my old superhawk 996. its day and night.


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Welcome to the dark side, the real side! She purrdy
Welcome to da party!
:welcome: crossracing :welcome:

That's a purrrtyyy BLOO... :drool:

You know, the fastest color :badteeth:
thanks every one. pictures dont do it justice. bought it from a 55 year old man who never drove it. came with 4 different exhuasts +2 in the rear stock up front and entented the 9 inches which im not a huge fan of but everything that came off the bike came with it so i cant complain. had to pull that megaphone off it was way to loud. carbon growler on it now and its much more to my taste. first day i had it. it got towed home battery died on me in the middle of the road. wasnt a great start but now shes perfect. with the exception of i cant get it to start in gear pretty sure the clutch lever sensor went out. still testing and using the search feature
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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