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Just joined the zx10 forums and just just a 2013 zx10 non abs about 2 months ago!

Got a no payments for 90 days which is cool. Practically stole it for 8500 otd with 4200 miles. but it just hit my I haven't made a payment and how much I'm putting into it, and couldn't be happier. This is my Dailey and I love it.

Got a slip on yoshi R77D
Fender eliminator kit
Added a k&n
PCV with the base Yoshi slip on map
Shogun frame sliders
Rear spool/sliders
CNC green adjustable levers
DMP smoked integrated tail light
Hot bodies double bubble dark smoke windscreen. (With hand painted green bolts, didn't want the metallic green that I found online)

Now I tried to get a midpipe/ link pipe to get rid of the oem baffle box. I bought an arrow midpipe not know you needed the arrow headers to fit it.. wasn't on the website so that sucks... About to send that back then buy a new one. The only ones I've found are Mivv which are for sale on eBay for $122 shipped, akrapovich is $194 free shipping, and last MJS mid pipe is $189 shipped. Has anyone used any of these? I saw the mjs has the ability to put the oem heat shield back on and is cheaper them akra and is coated in black porcelain. The Mivv has what apprears to be a spot to mount the servo cables outside the pipe which would be cool but I already bought the servo buddy to take it out completely. I may get it because it's just significantly cheaper and seems well known in the UK. If anyone has any input for these 3 or any other please advise!

TL;DR help me choose from 3 midpipes/cat-removal pipes.
Mivv(uk brand), MJS, Akra. Or any others you know of.


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Here's another option from Danmoto. I'm running it and it's ok. It's Chinese made after all. It doesn't come with an O2 sensor block off plug so I had to source one separately. It's a direct replacement for the OEM cat.

I'd get the MIVV if I were you. It seems like great value.
Thanks for that option. Just looked into it and after shipping it will be a little more then the Mivv and the mivv looks a little better in my opinion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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