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New 16 zx10r first kaw

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I just did first service ! Bike rips new to forums but keep finding lots of great info thanks.
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Welcome to the party! Enjoy the ride!

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listen carefully:

go here for the extended warranty:

Contact - D & H CYCLE

Call them to make sure that this dealer is still pricing the extended warranty low. I've blown up TWO G4's, the 2011 at 50k and the 2013 at 70,500k. Idk what others have experienced.

Bike simply will not need a flash or any nonsense beyond the can or the fender eliminator. The 10r does want a rider that knows how to ride, but if you lack confidence, the buy Code's book, Twist Wrist II; about 15 dollars on amazon.

On the other hand, if you do not ride, do what you want! Bike could care less.
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On the other hand, if you want the bike derestricted and would like it to make a bunch more power and be more ridable... get it flashed...
Wellcome mate!

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Welcome and is a bike you'll never wanna get rid of!
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Welcome...The bike is restricted in the US market due to emission laws.

The exact same bike bar possible additions like immobiliser, different coloured wires in the loom and thankfully the omission of those ridiculous BMX style side reflectors, is sold in EU, Australia and other world territories.

So in effect, the bike the US gets is not neutered due to any mechanical limitations.

A performance motorcycle that revs up to 15000 revs and produces 200 BHP from a 1 litre motor is a precision instrument much like a high quality swiss watch.

This motor is reliable enough to complete the Isle Of Mann TT race where it is at max revs for (3 x 37.73 miles), which is 113 miles, at near 200 MPH speed(superstock bikes I'm talking about) for nearly 17 minutes. Imagine putting your bike on a dyno and holding it at near redline RPMs for 17 minutes.

As you can imagine, this engine is more than capable for what we mere mortals throw at it.

The one thing that precision instruments require is sticking rigidly to scheduled maintenance, and the single absolute that a precision engine requires is fresh oil changed at or above the service interval.
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