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I plan on trying to buy some rearsets today or tomorrow. I have a couple picked out and have found some pricing online. I sent a couple of pm's out and was wonder how much it is for some adjustable rearsets for my bike.

2005 ZX-10R

Please price me the Gilles, Sato, and Attack's.

Need them in Black

Need them to be able to use stock brake line or come with a new one. Prefer it to be use the stock one to try and keep the price down.

Need to either come with heel guards or be able to use stock ones, but prefer them to come with some that match for color reasons.

Need them to either come with a brake light switch or be able to use the stock one.

Let me know what you got. I was going to order them on Friday after I found the price I found online for some Sato's but I wanted to give the Sponsors a chance as well. I want to try and place a order for these today so I can have them for this weekend for when I work on the bike.

Thanks in advance...Todd
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