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Hey all

I already posted a wanted ad in the market place, but i thought i send the word out to everyone.

I basically worked 2 months straight so i can take the summer off for riding. My first day out i wiped out pretty hard and screwed my bike up and need to get the thing back on the road before summer is out.

If ANYONE here can help me out via friends they know who might have parts i would sure appreciate you guys putting out the word.

I basically need..... for a 2004/05 ZX10

ALL fairings including the upper cowl
Headlight assembly
Complete stock exhaust
and a tank

Right now it looks like a pretty mean rat bike. No exhaust no fairings at all.
I can still ride it if i wanted but it's pretty funny looking at a speedo that is bungeed to the side of a bike.

I got lucky i'm not injured too bad...the frame is straight the swing arm is good, the rad has no leaks and there is no funny sounds coming from the engine.

I need to get the mean machine back on the road...
If anyone can help put the word out i would be very grateful.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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