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Need help pricing 2012 XZ10R

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Need help pricing a friends immaculate 2012 XZ10R.
He went overboard on upgrades and now needs help estimating a reasonable sell price.
** The picture below is from 2014, I don't have a newer picture, but I can get my friend to take new ones if you are interested in purchasing**
It has 11,000 miles, never been down or crashed in way, never raced or on a track, clean title in hand.
Original factory metalic black and matte grey fairings, Ohlins front forks, Ohlins rear shock, steering damper re-valved with Ohlins internals, K&N air filter, Austin Racing slip on/cat delete, Woolrich ECU flash, Cox Racing radiator guard, Brembo 320mm floating front disks, Vesrah VSRF front brake pads, Bazazz Quick Shifter, Bazazz Shift Light, Yoshirima case savers, Graves frame sliders, Lightspeed brake and clutch levers, titanium front caliper bolts, titanium disc bolts for all 3 rotors, stainless steel brakes lines (front and rear), FIN GPS locator, custom machined front brake caliper spacers, red anodized sprocket nuts, red anodized rear axle nut, red anodized oil cap, red anodized brake reservoir covers (front and rear), smoked windscreen, headlight/turn signals/brake lights smoked-out, customer sequential rear turn signals, Sato racing hooks at rear foot peg location, Graves fender eliminator, Kawasaki swingarm spools, custom gel pad front and rear seats, stomp grips on tank, rearset heal plates anodized black with ghosted sharks lazier etched into the surface, clip-ons black anodized, customer graphics, solo tail cowl, carbon fiber front fender, carbon dash panels, cabon fiber rear hugger, carbon fiber chain guard, New Dunlop Q3 rear tire, Lithium-Ion battery, custom plug in tailpack with saddlebags, professional install red LED lighting inside the lower engine cowlings.
I am sure he missed a few things in his list.
Thank you for your input.
Dean Mullins


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Pictures/info on the laser engraved heal plates please!

Honestly and I'm sorry to say, $8500-$9000. Ask $9500. YRMV.
Find green Gen5 bodywork and keepit!
I hate to say it but you wont get $9000 for it if your area is anything like mine.

There are a ton of ZX-10R models for sale here.

Brand new 14 & 15 models still sitting at dealers for $11k.
Hopefully he still has the stock suspension. Bolt it back up, sell it for 8-9k (depending on area), ebay the ohlins ~2.5-3k.
very clean! of course you are never gonna get back what you put into it in aftermarket parts..

maybe best to part out the aftermarket parts and put back to stock if possible.. depends on how fast you need to get rid of it also.

nada average retail is 9k and low retail was like 7k.. if you post higher than 9k you are gonna have to weight for the right buyer who will know the value of those aftermarket parts... as most people like to buy stock and mod them out themselves.

I paid $8500 for my stock 13' zx10r from craigslist about 2 years ago with less than a 800 miles on her.

GLWS! =)
I agree with all above who said to return to stock. If he got rid of stock parts, find someone who wants a deal on aftermarket parts. Give them a break on the price if they send you stock part that you might be missing.
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