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Need Help: 2018 ZX-10R check Engine light came on w/ flashing Program modes

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Hello All: Hope someone can help me. i cam back from work filled up the bike with Premium. Close to home I noticed the FI and CEL lights are ON and the FML (modes) is flashing. I have not had this issue before. Bike has 4600 Miles on it and it is 2018. I pulled the seat to see if there are any loose connection. I see that the servo motor is making noise and stays on even after the bike is shut off.

I searched and found instruction from Sky Dork (rest in peace) but the pictures are not available. Please help

Thank You.
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Easiest will be is to plug the bike into OBD to see the error code. The bike does this when it picks up an error.
Thanks Slaki. Can you please let me know where the OBD port would be on this bike. Is there a list of codes available so I can see what code it is throwing? I would hate to take it to the dealer. What I want to know is how to read the codes and then whatever the issue is will be fixed etc. I see a lot of ways to clear the codes but not for this bike.
You will need a cable and OBD tool that plugs into the back of the bike. If you can, woolich sells the cables along with the OBD tool that you can use. If you dont want to buy, Best would be to take it to the dealer just for diagnostics. From there you can decide if you want them to fix it or you could do it yourself.
Thank you again. I spoke to the local former Kawi dealer and he may be able to help. I also spoke to a larger dealer in OK City (two hours away) and they are asking to bring the bike down and they can run a diagnostic for me. I will look into the cable and Scanner. i need to buy one anyways. I have had 4 liter bikes before this one and this is the only one that threw a code. So I never looked into learning this.
Hello. I was wondering if someone has a good Working condition Exhaust Valve Servo motor that you guys took out from your bike. It is located under the seat. I will purchase it from you at a reasonable price. OR you can help me find one
Thank you.
I think you can take out the servo motor, and if it has a potentiometer (for homing purposes), check and replace it.
Hi Alexei. Can you explain potentiometer a bit more?
Carrying over my knowledge of exhaust servo motors, they are usually operated with a potentiometer as a homing device.
I've not have the opportunity to open up one of ZX10R's. Maybe you can post some photos of it.

Here are the steps to diagnose the servo motor without taking it apart, see if you have the bike's manual just to be sure.

Another option, get a servo eliminator.
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Thank You Sir. When I get back from work, I will try to take photo and a video of it what it is doing.
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