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Heres my story.....

Last year I did my first track day and got the bug! Since then when Im at the track I am constantly practicing my lines, body postion etc. I really wanted to see how I would progress from my first session to my last. And I figured a laptimer would help me see. Ive seen lots of people use their phones as laptimers and I was considering downloading Harry's Laptimer for my iphone.

Two things concerned me. First the gps on the iphones arent very accurate and two if I crash (which will happen eventually) I really dont want to chance killing my phone and have to pay out another 400 bucks for a new one. So I went looking for something that wouldnt break the bank and be accurate enough for what I needed. After looking around I found this.


I found it for 170 bucks online. Used some of my ebay bucks and got it for WAY cheaper. So I figured if it sucked it would have only cost me a couple bucks. HOLY SHIT am I glad I got it!

This thing has so many features in such a small package its insane.

-You can use it for track, drag, or rally.

-It records at either 1hz or 5hz. When I was at the track I recorded in 5hz which comes out to about 5 times a second. When I looked at other expensive laptimers a majority of them were 5hz (vs 10hz) so I figure if its good for those, its good for me.

-It lasted through (8) 20 minute sessions at putnam on a single charge and still had plenty of juice.

-To record you flip the switch to either 1hz or 5hz and its recording. To stop just turn it off.

-It holds 400,000 data points. I dont know how much that would be BUT it held all 8 sessions in memory with ZERO problems.

-Its very small, about the size of a gopro camera. I mounted on my tank (Ill get pictures later) and it was out of the way.

-The software it uses is very user friendly.

-The one downfall for some people will be is it doesnt give you a display to give you your fastest lap.

Like I said the software is really nice and gives your some great data. I took a short clip of just a FEW things of what it can do.

If people are interested I can take shots of more what the software can do.
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