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Finally got her home last night!

so i went for the 05 zx10r magma red.
Had my wife drive me 3 hours away to get it last night and rode it home. And man let me tell
you the guy i bought it off of was cool as $hit! There are tons of goodies on this beast. here is the list.
1. Front forks are all ohlins internals
2. ohlins rear shock
3. ohlins steering dampner
4. PC3 with custom map on dyno (161 hp)
5. dynojet ignition module
6. ivans TRE
7. velocity stacks
8. sprocket specialties front and rear sprockets (-1f/+2r)
9. galfer wave rotors (front)
10.brembo master cylinder
11.crg clutch lever
12.brand new rear tire(pirelli dragon supercorsa pro)
13. brand new front (metzler racetec)
14. galfer steel braided braklines front and rear
15. sato rear sets
16. suspension dialed in by computrak
17. yoshimura TRC carbon fiber slip on
18. spools, barends, fender eliminator

I think there is more but i just cant remember everything. He also threw in a pitbull stand and a suomy bayliss helemt in which didnt fit so i will be letting it go on here for cheap. also have a set of galfer superbike lines he threw in that i am not gonna use either. I coulnt be happier with this bike!! It runs like a raped ape! Thanks for everyone's opinions. I am so glad i didnt get that gen-2! Well i gotta go out and ride this beast!!
see ya later



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you could use the pipe as a wheelie bar :) hehehe looking good dude, how do you like the ride so far? also shoot me a PM about the helmet i know someone who might be interested......
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